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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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around a dozen people attack one man standing on a caltrain platform. hear what caltrans has to say about the brutal attack. >> reporter: right now, hundreds of pg&e employees are inside this warehouse at the cow palace. we'll tell you what they are doing and how it's related to the san bruno pipeline explosion. dog owners are any. beachers say -- are angry.
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beach lovers say something has to be done. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken pritchett. one victim versus as many as 15 attackers. a robbery at a caltrain station left a san jose man in critical condition. janinedelavega is live with what caltrans is stay about the vicious -- caltrain is saying about this vicious attack. >> reporter: well, many are surprised. they didn't even know about t we're told about a -- about it. we're being told a group of about nine to 15 people attacked a man right behind the clock tower up there behind me. when police arrived, the man was hurt so baddy, he could not -- badly, he could not speak. >> there's always a cop running around this area. i'm pretty surprised it happened here. i hope he gets better.
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>> reporter: police are calling this a strong-arm robbery. a spokesperson says the group fled before the transit police arrived on the scene. they are investigating and at this point don't have a description. the victim is 47 years old from san jose. he's in critical condition at the hospital. now there is a lot of foot traffic out here on the platform because it's also a hub for transcam. caltrain riders say this is an unusual occurrence and riders should still feel safe. investigators are following up with leads. any want anyone with information on the case to call caltrains transit city police. back to you. a contra costa county sheriff avenue deputy is in
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custody because the 47-year- old, stephen, tanabe, was arrested last night on drug chunk -- drug charges and conspiracy charges. they also say he was hired by christopher butler -- butler with cases he was working. right now, pg&e is scrambling to collect more than a million pages of records as it faces questions from the deadly san bruno explosion. allie rasmus says the utility has just ten days to come up with the paperwork. >> reporter: the paperwork came in by the truck load packed in bags. security guards wouldn't let us pass this gate at the cow palace but we watched work grews unload boxes. >> they've been collecting,
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scanning about 250 million of records -- million records and putting them in the database. >> reporter: workers are working around the clock to process that paperwork. before 7:00 a.m., workers lined up behind the building to start a 12-hour shift. pg&e must turn over that information to the p.u.c. by march 15th. they were ordered to do so after they found the records on the san bruno pipeline were not accurate. >> this is an example of the level of commitment that pg&e is putting forth making sure this process is thorough. >> reporter: rick brison lives a block away from the area and he says the massive records review is a little too late. >> if he are gonna be going after this stuff -- they are gonna be going after this stuff, way, way late. they are only going after it now because they have to. >> reporter: and he says he's
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still waiting for information from pg&e about the future of the pipeline. >> if they are going to take the pipes out and put new ones in. >> reporter: allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. now, pg&e has been ordered to reduce the pressure on certain lines until it proves its records are accurate. if the p.u.c. is not convinced, it would require additional testing. legal experts are predicting a possible plea deal in the kidnapping case of jaycee dugard. it was reported that nancy and phillip garrido confessed. veteran lawyers say that shows cooperation and there may be advantages on both sides. a plea would spare jaycee dugard and her daughters to take the stand. police in concord today
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announce an arrest and a re-- in a recent rash of contra costa county pharmacy burglaries. the first happened at the rite aid. police say two came in, one grabbed hand fulls of prescription drugs. taylor hugh was arrested. similar burglaries have occurred in pleasant hill, orinda and clayton. police are still looking for another robber. more violence in san francisco's mission district where two people were stabbed during a fight. the fight broke out at rincom just before 2:00. a woman in her 0s was transpored to the hospital with stab wounds. this comes as police step up patrols. there has been a series of sheetings and a stabbing recently that left a 24-year- old man left and three others injured. police fear retaliation may
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come at any time. city officials are working with the department and community members in the hopes of previous venting further violence. the city has seen their fair of crime but for one family, remembering their loved one. here's more. >> reporter: an afternoon celebration was underway to honor gene grisby bell, a student killed out yesterday -- killed outside his home. >> anyone who knew him knew he had a great small. >> we're all different. but we all live right here on this planet. so we need to be able to get get together. we believe you can -- we believe you cannot separate the interests of the school to the interests of the community. >> reporter: a man was shot and killed yesterday as he watt owe
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was sitting in his car in front of a a.m. homicides-- of a high school. violent crime in richmond is down 26%. property crime is down 20%. >> swee a lot of kids doing good -- swee a lot of kids doing -- we have a lot of kids doing real good. >> i think it's up to me and educators to reach piece. >> reporter: not one but two bringing peace to the streets and to remember their own. the young geniusby bell. back-- gene grisby bell. today's grand opening of the pet food express on blossom hill road in san jose kicked off a fund-raiser for the
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police department's k-9 unit. the department provides the training but not the life- saving vests. >> the dogs are each individually purchase -- purchased by the k-9 handlers. we own the dogs and they provide the equipment and training but not 100%. >> reporter: the k-9 unit needs two vests for bo and ej. each vest costs $2400. you can make a donation at the stores through the end of the month. it was a day of new beginnings for six families in oakland. six new habitat for humanity homes were donated today and families were given the keys today. b.a.r.t. riders are about to get a chance to voice their opinions on what kind of seats they sit
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in. a pollster chair on b.a.r.t. trains may be on the way out. there is a way to go with icier- to-clean seats. b.a.r.t. says they spend a lot of money each year to clean the seats. b.a.r.t. wants to replace the aging fleet of the 669 cars. some say it's time for a change. >> when b.a.r.t. started in 1962, we were create -- competing with the automobile. we wanted to provide a comfortable seat. >> b.a.r.t. management says they will be surveying riders about their preferences later this year. well, supporters and opponents unleash their opinions about in you dog rules. >> reporter: we'll tell you about the dog management plan -- yes. violent clashes go on in
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libya. and airlines are turning to you to make up you mass product -- mass lost profits. another storm is approaching the bay area. i will let you know when the heaviest downpours are scheduled to arrive.
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it's shaping up toking a real dogfight on a controversial plan. here's more. >> reporter: heather, we're probably going to be seeing a lot more dog leash signs required fairly soon around here. this controversy is almost as old as the 40-year-old park. it's not a question of all
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doctors are on leash and unleashed everywhere. some ggrn beaches would ban unleashed dogs all together. but at crissy field, .25 of the beach would be saved for unleashed dogs. the dots are 400 pages long. the documents are 400 pages long. some people have vehement in their stand. >> i think it's terrible. it's taking away from people what they've enjoyed for years and what they promised us when they created this park. >> reporter: the park service says it's aiming to give something to everyone. dog lovers and people would want to protect the birds. >> this is about protecting the range of opportunities and experiences. >> reporter: in the end, you sense there has to be compromise. >> i'm the kind of person, you don't have to explain it
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extensively to me. >> reporter: some think people do more damage. >> i have seen people do this where they run up and down the dunes and they just -- they just show the plantings that we did. >> reporter: the park service is getting 1,000 comments a day. they are about two years away from implementing a dog management plan. the next open house is scheduled monday afternoon at fort mason. back to you. the second annual national day of unplugging just wrapped up for -- for 24 hours -- for 24 hours, the effort challenged people to turn off their technology. it was aimed to have people turn off their smart phones, tweets, and the unrest began in the jewish community and is tied with the sabbath, orb the
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day of rest. a -- or the day of the rest. a welcome home party for a man from afghanistan after being injured in an ied attack. representatives from jackie speier's office are honoring the man after his vehicle he was riding inning a was hit -- riding in was hit. his mother and others believe the only reason they survived is because they were in a newer tank. today is his birthday. one of the largest anti- trust investigations has resulted in fines and even jail sentences for more than 20 international airlines and their executives. investigators found a paper trail laying out agreements since 2,000. the convicted airlines include, continental, british airways,
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korean air and air franc. no major u.s. carriers have been charged. the international community tonight is calling for an immediate end to the killings on on the ivory force. after the disputed president's forces opened fire on protesters, killing at least six. this is amateur video. watch how the machine -- the image changes. gunfire can be heard. the u.n. says at least 365 people have been killed since the november presidential election. the u.n. says the winner was lawrence but his opponent has refused to concede power. in libya there were clashes and claims of victory by both sides in that country acivil war -- country's civil war.
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the rebels are claiming success in another village. an overnight explosion at an overnight camp in benghazi is blamed for at least 17 days. so far the rebellion has lased -- has been going on for days. opposition is not satisfied with the pledge of him not to run for ereelection in 2013 or his pledge to not install his son and his -- as sis successor. and in spain, austin taylor bice from san diego has not been seen since he left a nightclub in madrid on february 25th. missing person posters are going up and friends are stoiching for him but so far there's no -- searching for him but so far there's no trace of
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him. a powerful 4.8 aftershock has rocked christchurch, new zealand today just 11 days after the first earthquake claimed the lives of 166 people. locally, a group of brentwood residents is reaching out to help the victims of the quake. for more information, please go to and click on web links. tornadoes in the south killed at least one person today and injured more than another. a twister tore through rayne, louisiana, destroying buildings, trees, gas lines and national gas lines. a woman died when a tree fell on the house. at least 11 people were injured. another three were hurt when a second tornado hit the town of crowley. log like that we are -- nothing like that here. let's check in with mark tamayo. you said we might need those umbrellas tomorrow? >> yeah, that's a pretty good
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bet. rainfall rates will increase as we head into the overnight hours. a lot of this not reaching the ground, just some clouds in place is gonna take its time for the cloud deck to lower. we have the dark shades of green and the rainfall will be on the increase for the next few hours, especially tonight. that's all reflected in your forecast. light rain tomorrow. still some scattered showers in the afternoon hours. the extended, partly sunny skies and mind conditions. here-- and mild conditions. here is the rainfall areas, up tort north. within this flow this is an atmospheric river. this will be the key factor as we head into early tomorrow morning. in fact, we'll park it to the north. ex-pect takes for tomorrow -- expectations for tomorrow,
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rainfall, about .25 in the south. the heaviest cells they are expected first thing tomorrow morning. from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. we do have winter weather advisories in place. here is our forecast model. we'll put this into motion. you will notice as we head towards 10:00 and 11:00, we increase the rainfall coverage somewhat. still a chance across the entire bay area. here we go, the significant rainfall. this is the time we'll pick up the dane pours and -- the rain showers. there should be more breaks in the action. you might encounter those downpours. that's all reflected in the forecast beginning at 7:00. low to mid-50s. by 12:00. >> showers likely -- by 12:00, showers likely. temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. we'll trim dune the readings a little bit from today's -- down the readings a little bit from today's high. morgan hill, right around 60.
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here is a look ahead to the five-day forecast. there is a slight chance of a shower on monday. but the forecast models have really backed up off on that probability. tuesday, warming you. not too bad -- not too bad today. rain in the afternoon. two bay area teams face off this weekend in arizona. but first -- it's a shopping frenzy in oakland. the annual event that offers great deals for a good cause.
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thousands of shoppers looking for that rare find came to an oakland warehouse. they flocked to the 52nd annual white elephant sale, millions of items are on display, including furniture, vintage glass, china and books. $3 for a pair of new boots. in past years, the event has generated millions of dollars for museum programs. sale continues tomorrow at 33 3
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lancaster tomorrow starting morning. it was a big day for bay area college basketball fans. >> yeah, the two big ones wrapping it up, cal and stanford finishing the pac season against each other, the two teams going in the opposite direction. the bears had the lead, gutierrez goes inside. an impressive 2 under the basket as camp gets two of his points. bears led by 16 in the first half. it again, it will be gutierrez to solomon getting the big jam. stanford tried to make a run early in the first half, jeremy green with a long 3 plus the foul. he led stanford with 19. the cardinals were within 9. the bears kick it up again. watch brandon smith take the ball away, from gutierrez to allen crab. gutierrez led the bears with 7 assists and they win it and get
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in the conference tournament. stanford finishes 15-15. oregon, we are about to see a -- to see a couple of impressive plays. arizona wins it 98-62. let me premise the highlights you are about to see, the statement they with were provided by the giants. that means in a 6-0 oakland as win that featured the starter anderson, these highlights are big. these aren't easy to find, but there's madison bum garther in
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striking them out. -- madison bum gardener striking them out. as won it 6-0. sharks tonight trying to stay hot in the middle of a six- game home stand. we'll have that one and all of the day's sports at 10:00 on "sports wrap." coming up on the 10:00 news, more on the violence the -- violence in the mission district. find out who plans to join them on the streets. that's tonight on the 10:00 news. i'm ken pritchett. >> i'm heather holmes. for everyone here at ktvu, thank you for joining us. the next newscast is at 10:00 tonight. hope to see you back then, everyone. >> good night.
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